Allux Grundform Parcel

Receive your packages in style

Stylish and beautifully designed parcel mailbox that can hold a lot of mail and large packages. Projections and overhangs form the characteristic shape, which also protects the rain and snow. The door is fitted with a Ruko lock, and the mailbox has a New Year's fuse that is hidden and locks the recess. Packages are picked up quickly and easily in the large, spacious box. Allux Grunform in a timeless design that holds, is made of galvanized steel and comes with interchangeable color / name plates.

Design by

Designer Michael Stabell and architect Bent Ulrik Jensen

Item no.: F47394

Item code: F47394

Color: Black with changeable front

Soft close: Yes

Lockable letterbox: Yes


Height: 1100 mm.

Width: 345 mm.

Depth: 280 mm.

package opening:

Height: 135 mm.

Width: 290 mm.

Depth: 360 mm.

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