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Sales and delivery conditions


Allux uses Post Nord in connection with delivery of name badge products.

Delivery time: Typically 4-7 days. However, longer delivery times may occur when extra busy.


Complaints & Returns

There is a 24-month right of complaint on all goods. The right of complaint means that you as a customer can complain about faults and defects in the product that have occurred 24 months after the purchase. However, it is a prerequisite that these defects have not arisen as a result of your incorrect use of the product or other damaging behaviour that has caused the defect. You must complain within a reasonable time after you have discovered the defect. If you complain within 2 months, the complaint is always considered to be timely. We will reimburse reasonable and documentable shipping costs that you may incur in connection with the return of the item when the complaint is justified. If you wish to make a complaint about a product, please contact us by letter or e-mail: Mark the enquiry "Allux Complaint" and send it to: Allux v/ Juliana Drivhuse A/S, Sivlandvænget 29, 5260 Odense S, or by e-mail to mail@juliana.com. If you are returning the product, you must include the following comments on the parcel: * Reason for return - i.e. a brief explanation of any defects in the product * Order number or invoice number. A copy of the invoice is preferable.


Right of cancellation

When the product is returned and the right of cancellation is exercised, this can only be done if the product is returned in the same condition as when you received it. You may unpack the item as long as you can return it in the same condition. The right of cancellation therefore lapses if you use the goods in a way that is obviously detrimental to the sales value of the goods.

When you exercise your right of cancellation, you must pay for the shipping costs when you return the item.

If you have purchased an item from us via our online store, you usually have the right to cancel the purchase. All you have to do is return the item to us within 14 days of receiving it. You can return the item to us by:


Returning the unused item.
Physically appearing at our address and returning the item and cancelling the purchase. Call in advance and make an appointment.

The address is:

Allux v/ Juliana Greenhouses A/S
Sivlandvænget 29
5260 Odense S

When you cancel the purchase, the purchase price will be refunded to you by a transfer to your bank. Once we have received the item back and checked that it meets the conditions for the right of cancellation to be exercised, we will contact you to inform you where the purchase price should be returned to.
Ordering & Orders
All prices on the website are stated in Euro including VAT.

When ordering goods via Allux, please note that the automatic order system at Allux sends the customer a receipt of the order by e-mail. This confirms the agreement between the company and the customer. In addition, a corresponding agreement is generated at the end of the order, which the customer is encouraged to print.

If you have registered yourself as a customer with Allux, you can always log in to the website and see the status of ongoing orders, old invoices, etc. If you are not registered - i.e. if you have only paid as a 'guest' on the site - you will not have these options afterwards. When ordering online, you are dealing with Allux v/ Juliana Drivhuse A/S, Sivlandvænget 29, 5260 Odense S (Cvr-nr: 66030318).



When you authorise a purchase and use a payment card or Mobile Pay as a means of payment, we reserve the amount on your chosen payment card. We will only debit the money when the goods are dispatched to your chosen delivery address. We make the reservation to ensure that the card is not blocked and that there are sufficient funds on the card.

When the amount is charged to the card, the reservation is automatically cancelled. The maximum duration of a reservation depends on the card type, which you can find out from the card issuer, e.g. your bank. If you subsequently change your order, you will receive a new order number and a new reservation will be made. If you find that a reservation has not been cancelled, please contact your card issuer, as only your card issuer can cancel the reservation.

We also refer to the terms and conditions for your payment card, which you have received from your card issuer.

If you have any questions, you are of course also welcome to contact our customer service at mail@juliana.com or tel. +45 66 11 18 11.




We make reservations for errors in texts, illustrations, image errors, dimensional deviations, prices and price increases, delivery failures, as well as changes in VAT and other taxes. If it turns out that Allux cannot fulfil an order you have placed, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Installation of name badges is not offered.

Any dispute involving Allux is subject to Danish law, with the local district court as the court of first instance, unless mandatory legislation dictates otherwise.